Education at Kindy School

Learning objectives

Kindergarten occupies a major place in the development of every child; it is the complement of family education and the bridge with primary school.

This school is a place for key experiences and learning which help children to “grow up”.

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Children from 2 to 6 years old

  • Initial and fundamental learning in compliance with the French national educational programs over 4 grades
  • Daily discovery of English using playful methods
  • The opportunity to discover sport and artistic activities
  • Individual pedagogic and emotional supervision for each child
  • Lunch and nap service
  • Opening to the world through many activities and school trips
  • Willingness to respect each child’s learning pace which enables us to welcome them from the age of two.

Adapted environment

  • Competent and motivated teachers assisted by preschool assistants
  • School enrolment is reduced as we limit the number of children at around 15 per class
  • Adapted and especially equipped premises (classrooms, video room, sleeping area, climbing wall, vegetable garden…)
  • Professionals in charge of sport and artistic activities
  • Regular switches between teachers to make sure that children benefit from the special skills of each teacher. By doing so, every teacher can also get to know each child in the school.

The whole pedagogic team aims toward one omnipresent objective: Learning to love school.

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The children’s work













At the end of each term, the children of each grade bring home their working folder. This folder contains most of the worksheets and creations of your child. It also includes a description of the activities and events attended during the term: school trips, sport, performances, projects, books read with the teacher,…

Everything is done in order to make the child proud of his/her work and eager to show it to his/her parents.


Skill Assessment

Following the progress of your child requires being able to evaluate his/her work at the end of each learning phase in all the different subjects that we address. To do so, we use assessment tools adapted to each grade of the school and that we developed ourselves throughout the years.