One of Kindy School’s particularities is to be a completely private school, self-financed. Our only source of income are the school fees. We don’t receive any state subsidy, which gives us a wider freedom, in particular the freedom to limit the number of children at 15 per class.

Prices are calculated over 10 months and include the “small” holiday periods. The whole year costs is then divided into a monthly fee.

This is why fees are due every month, regardless of your absences or the small holiday periods. This is the only way for us to guarantee a spot for your child for the whole scholar year (10 months).

We also wish to help large families and ease the enrollment of a second child. This is why the second child can profit from a 25% reduction on the school fees.

Payment terms are as follow:

  • You will be given an invoice at the beginning of the month, including the fees for the current month and the lunches of the previous month
  • Payment can be done using check, cash or wire transfer
  • Payment needs to be done before the 10th of each month
  • Not paying a month invoice can induce the exclusion of your child

For more information, call us at 78.44.07 or via email at kindyschool@canl.nc