Enriching activities


From creative yoga for PS to 45 min sessions for the GS, children are guided through this discipline by a qualified teacher. They develop kindness and creativity as much as self-awareness, consciousness of the others and values of diversity.

Thanks to games, improvisation, posture, breathing, and relaxation, everyone learns to accept himself/herself and where are their own physical and emotional limits.

Yoga thus becomes a way of harmonizing sensorial energies, serving both the individual and the group.


Sport plays an important role in the educational process since the TPS when the child’s need for movement is answered by daily activities within the school.

TPS and PS practice sport with their teacher during playful sessions.

MS and GS children experience several sports during the year in order to develop physical, social and strategic skills. Those learning cycles (swimming, judo, climbing, orienteering race…) last for around 12 sessions and take place outside of the school with professionals. A lot of different domains can be approached with happiness and effectiveness as long as the teaching methods used are adapted to preschoolers.

School trips

Once a month we organize visits related to the work done in class, to the learning cycles or the availability of the performances. This is an opportunity for the children to discover the world outside of the classroom, but also to have fun, and live amazing experiences: Take the bus, visit a French Navy’s ship, play in the park with classmates, discover how a sailboat is built, the work of a baker or a carpenter, look at an ostrich while taking the “Little train”, go to the theater… We have countless ideas!


PS and TPS have the opportunity to discover other subjects such as dance or music in a different way with professionals. Those options are voluntary and take place during morning recess.


Music courses will make your child discover a musical environment adapted to preschoolers: rhythmic games, songs, instrumental approach, melody replication…


Dance courses are for girls AND boys !  The dance teacher, and sometimes a musician, uses diverse musical themes to make your child discover how to move in the room. He/she will thus develop his/her imagination and creativity.



Graphic arts

Graphic arts are part of the learning of each grade and are also subject to learning cycles animated by an artist.

More than powerful stimuli to enjoy learning and opening oneself to the world, graphic arts also give the child the opportunity to express his/her creativity and to participate in collective pieces of work.

Learning begins with individual work for the TPS and evolves into collective pieces of work in GS by learning how to work with a classmate. Those sessions are not only about discovering aesthetic, artistic dimension and great artistic masters but also about learning how to work together and respect the other young artists.

In 2015, the project “from an artist to a child” lead us to exhibit the art pieces created by PS, MS and GS at the Institute of Research and Development for the greatest pleasure of the little artists.